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How to include your property


On, click on Login, or Register, in the top right corner.
On the Register page, enter a username, contact email (take care to enter correct address), then your name and a few words about yourself as seller or agent, if you want it to be visible to the reader.  Create a secure password with a combination of letters, numbers and symbols, repeat it and then click Create Account.
You will receive a confirmation email.
When you sign in to your account, you will have access to a ”My Account” page where you can edit your details, view any existing real estate listings, add new property,  view your favourites and view orders, invoices and order status.

Click Add New Property.
Select your package: Free, Standard, Premium or Featured.  The Free package has no time limit, and  we offer a 7-day free trial on all the other packages.
If you do not have an account, click the Submit button, and enter your details, but if you are logged in, proceed to the following:

1. Enter Search Description:  Title (Your headline) .  Select category.
Tagline:   Choose your words carefully to grab the attention of the user, without hype.
Click the blue (i) symbol for help and advice.
Short description:  The text you enter here will appear on search results. Keep it short and descriptive.

2. Main description:
Be specific about the type of property, location, number of rooms, facilities etc, and something about your area as well, and mention any points which sets your property apart from other properties.   (If you advertise elsewhere, you can copy and paste text from an other ad, but for best search engine results, please edit the text so it is not an exact copy of text you use elsewhere on the web).  The main description box has  a text editor you can use to make your listing look good to the reader.
Tags/keywords:  Enter keywords to help your users find your listing, comma separated, e.g. keyword 1, keyword 2. keyword 3, etc

3.  Additional details:
Enter the contact email, which you want users will use to contact you about the listed property.

Enter your website address, including the http://

The price in Euros, this will be displayed in the listing.

If the property is for sale, list the full price, no punctuation.

If it is for rent, list the lowest price per week, that is the price which wil be displayed.  Add details of seasonal prices in the text of the listing.

If you use another currency, convert using f.ex

Listing type: Whether the property is for sale or for rent.

Select the number of bedrooms and bathrooms.
Select your country from the country list in the dropdown menu, or enter it manually in the appropriate box if it is not listed.

Enter the phone number you want your prospects to use.

Enter the location of the property. If you do not want to list the exact address, enter the nearest city, area and state or region.

4. Display map
To mark your property on a Google map, enter the address above the map for a closeup.  Or click on the map and use the + sign to enlarge it.     Point the cursor to the location of the property on the map and click to save it.

5. Upload your photos
Click Select file and select the main photo for your computer – repeat to upload additional photos – the amount depending  which package you have chosen. Save each photo and then add additional photos, one at a time. Please ensure that the photos are not too large. Although images are automatically resized to fit the website, it is faster to reduce your images first and upload sizes maximum 1 Mb per photo.
The free package includes 2 photos.  The Standard listing 4 photos. Premium 6 photos, and Featured: 12 photos.   You should expect better results with the maximum amount of photos, as you can add text /description for each photo , which enhances your listing’s visibility on the web.


When you click Continue,  you get a confirmation page. Please review it, and go back if you need to correct any errors or omissions, or click continue to proceed to the Paypal payment page (except for the free listing). If you do not have a Paypal account, you may pay by credit card via the Paypal page.
If you prefer to pay by bank transfer instead of Paypal, please contact us by email.
Any questions?

We will review your listing and activate it as soon as possible.

Feel free to contact is if you need help.

Please remember to notify us when the listed property is sold, so we can delete the listing.
If you have any questions or if you need assistance, we will be glad to help. Firstly, you may find the answer on the FAQ page, otherwise please open a support ticket at our Support Center over at  – that is the most efficient way, so you can track the issue. We will try to answer you as soon as possible within office hours.

Link to Support Center:
If it is urgent, you can reach us by phone: UK 0709 227 2402 or international 0044 709 227 2402
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